Hygienic wet wipes

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Aloe Vera wet wipes
Baby Lov’yc

Ideal wipes for diaper change moment with Aloe Vera that are gentle on your baby’s skin. Its 3D fabric is soft and delicate with a fresh formula with Aloe Vera extract and alcohol-free to avoid irritations. All of them in a format with a pop-up to conserve all the humidity. Available in 20, 72 and 120 units formats. 


Sensible cream wet wipes
Baby Lov’yc

Perfect wet wipes to clean the skin of little ones with sensible cream that soft it and moisturize it gently. With a pleasant talc fragance, this wipes with no-alcohol are made with a very soft 3D fabric that avoid irritations. Thanks to their packaging with pop-up, they keep the humidity for several days. Available in 72 and 120 units formats.


With Aloe Vera

Gentle on the skin

Alcohol free

Wet toilet wipes

Lov’yc toilet wipes are gentle on your skin. Its fabric is soft and delicate with a fresh formula with chamomile extract that takes care of your sin. They are also environmentally friendly because their fabric is biodegradable, compostable and when they are flushed down the toilet, they dissolve with water. Available in 80 units format.


Chamomile extract

Gentle on the skin