Rechargeable electric toothbrush

We present the new Lov’yc electric toothbrush, with a removable head, three different speed modes, submersible and with a battery life of up to 15 days. Its rounded head covers the entire surface of the tooth allowing to clean the area with total precision, adapting smoothly. Discover with Lov’yc the difference between a normal toothbrush and an electric one. 

Cleaning precision

Rotating head

with 3 mode speeds


Long duration


  • Brush container + four replacement heads.

  • Its cleaning is more precise and profound compared with conventional brushes.

  • Rounded head with three functions of movement that adapt smoothly.

  • Two minute timer to control your brushing time.

  • Battery charger with up to 15 days of durability with charging indicator light.

  • Two year warranty.